17 February 2021
Three day workshop for the merchandising of museum objects in Albania

The online workshops for the merchandising of museum objects were organised on February 15-17th. Four artists attended he workshop, enriching it with their excellent ideas and brainstorming on what objects to merchandise and how. They own experience, creativity intended to create a sett of objects that are appealing to the customers, and render the idea of the museum at its best. 

The activity was orgainsed by the Albanian Ministry of Culture,  and the three-day marathon of workshops orgainsed by come in view of #Monet project. During he first day the "Legal Study of Museum Stores from a Merchandising and Design Prospective”  was introduced. This is an important step as it sees the ability to merchandise objects form the legal point of view. The atendees were also introduced to the virtual tour of the Museum "House of Leaves"

The workshop emphasised the importance of merchandising products and the creation of museum stores, bringing insights on designing and developing contemporary artifacts that can serve as museum merchandising products.